Top 12 Dog Coats, Raincoats, Jackets and Sweaters To Keep Your Pupper Warm, Dry and Happy

Weimaraner Dog in the Snow Wearing a Dog Sweater

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It’s that time of year when we need to keep our furry friends warm, dry and happy. And what better way to do that than with a stylish dog coat, dog raincoat, jacket, or sweater?

Whether your pup needs a little extra warmth or you’re looking to keep them dry during a storm, we’ve got you covered. Check out our top 12 picks that will keep your furry bestie looking great and feeling even better!

Top 12 Dog Coats, Raincoats, Jackets and Sweaters

1. EMUST Dog Winter Coat

The EMUST Dog Winter Coat features a zipper for easy harness access, adjustable buckles on the belly, and a reflective brim to keep your pup safe during evening walks. Plus, the high fleece-lined collar will keep them warm and cozy all winter long.

Is your dog a winter sports enthusiast? Don’t worry, this jacket’s very easy to clean. You simply machine wash and air dry.

This coat comes in 6 size options and 9 color options. Make sure to size up if you’re unsure – you don’t want to have a coat that’s too tight!

Best Overall Dog Coat
EMUST Dog Winter Coat

Fleece-lined? Check! Adjustable buckles? Check! Long enough to cover your dog's butt? Check!

This Dog Winter Coat is a great all-around coat for those cold winter days!

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2. SCENEREAL Reversible Fleece Jacket

It doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to buy a quality dog coat. In fact, you can pay less than $10! This SCENEREAL Dog Reversible Fleece Jacket is not only stylish but also provides enough warmth for your pup to keep them comfortable. The jacket comes in 4 different sizes and is reversible.

The fleece layer provides a bit more warmth for the colder days, while the plaid fabric layer is more of a sweater-like material, perfect for cooler walks.

Most Affordable Option
SCENEREAL Reversible Fleece Jacket

This jacket has a hook & loop closure, so it's very easy to put on or take off. It also comes with a leash hole which makes it easy to attach a leash to the collar underneath.

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3. Lelepet Warm Dog Winter Coat

The wind can be as harsh on dogs as it can be on humans. That’s why you need a windproof coat for your pup that will keep them comfortable when the winds start to blow. The Lelepet Warm Dog Winter Coat fully insulates all of the parts of your pup’s body that are exposed to the elements. It’s made with waterproof material that is also breathable, so your pup won’t overheat while wearing it.

Best Windproof Coat
Lelepet Warm Dog Winter Coat

Elastic bands on the openings allow you to further customize this dog jacket's fit and reduce wind from rushing inside.

With over 7 sizes and 9 colors to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for your pup.

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4. AOFITEE Dog Coat

Many small dog breeds have less natural insulation, so in the winter months, they need dog jackets that offer a bit more coverage. The AOFITEE Dog Coat is a full-body suit that can keep your dog cozy by covering the legs as well as the chest and midsection.

This dog jacket is perfect for winter weather. It’s made of water-resistant and wind-resistant fabric, so it will keep your pup cozy and dry no matter what the conditions are outside. The interior is lined with pleasant polyester padding.

The snap button closure and elastic waist on this winter dog vest make it easy to put on and take off.

Best for Small Dogs

This coat is flexible, so it won't restrict your pupperino's range of motion when playing outside.

And best of all, it's machine washable and can do in the dryer, making it easy to maintain.

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5. JoyDaog Fleece Lined Warm Dog Jacket

Puppies can be challenging to hold still for long (which is why getting them to wear a coat can be difficult). But the JoyDaog Fleece Lined Dog Jacket is designed with puppies in mind. Once you get their front paws into the jacket, there are three easy snaps on the back that keep it secured on your pup.

These jackets aren’t too cumbersome, so they won’t distract your energetic pup from their playing. Furthermore, the built-in leash hole makes it easy to keep your little guy safe while outside.

Best Jacket for Puppies
JoyDaog Fleece Lined Warm Dog Jacket

The polyester outer layer in this jacket keeps wind out, while the inner fleece lining is incredibly soft, making this the perfect choice for a dog coat for puppies.

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6. Vecomfy Fleece Dog Hoodie

Fleece dog coats are a great option for your pupper because they will keep him warm and dry. They usually have a water-resistant outer layer and an inner layer made of fleece for extra warmth.

The Vecomfy Fleece Dog Hoodie is one of the best options on the market. It comes in 6 different colors and 7 different sizes, so you’ll be able to get the breathable and lightweight fleece perfectly fitted to your doggerino.

This coat is easy to put on and off, even with the squirmiest of dogs. It uses snaps to secure it, so no more fussing with zippers or buckles.

Best Fleece Option
Vecomfy Fleece Dog Hoodie

This fleece dog hoodie is perfect for those cooler days because it will keep your pup toasty and snug.

Its elastic edges help to keep heat trapped inside, and the hoodie will make sure your pup's ears and head stay warm when the temperature really drops low.

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7. HDE Reversible Dog Raincoat

You never know exactly when the rain will come, but you can always be prepared for it. A good waterproof dog coat is essential for these times.

The HDE Dog Raincoat comes in 6 sizes and 5 colors, and the whole coat can be collapsed down into a built-in pocket when it’s not in use. This makes it super easy to carry around and have on hand when the rain comes.

Best Waterproof Option
HDE Reversible Dog Raincoat

This raincoat is made of lightweight and waterproof polyester and nylon material that will keep your pup dry on the rainiest of days.

It also has a waterproof hood to keep your pup's head dry, and reflective strips for extra visibility in low-light conditions and bad weather.

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8. FUAMEY Padded Vest Dog Jacket

No pet parent likes it when clumps of snow build up in their dog’s coat after running around. This especially happens near your dog’s belly, so it’s important to use a coat that covers this area and keeps it snow-free. The FUAMEY Padded Jacket fully wraps under your pupperino’s underside, reducing the amount of snow that gets stuck to the coat.

This dog coat opens and closes with a zipper that runs along the back of the jacket, making it a breeze to put on and take off.

Best Option for Snow
FUAMEY Padded Vest Dog Jacket

This coat is made of a lightweight and breathable material, comes with a fleece-lined warm collar, and has a secure and solid D-ring for attaching the collar.

It's also reversible, so you can switch between a solid and plaid pattern depending on your dog's sense of style.

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9. BEAUTYZOO Cable Knit Dog Sweater

Puppers don’t just need outdoor jackets, they also need protection for chilly indoor days (and nights). Dog sweaters are the perfect solution for when you want to give your doggie some extra warmth indoors.

The BEAUTYZOO Cable Knit dog sweater is a thermal mink-knitted dog sweater and it’s the perfect solution for keeping your pup comfy indoors. It’s made from a blend of acrylic and chinlon which is also machine washable, so it will be easy to keep your doggerino fresh while keeping him comfortable.

Best Dog Sweater
BEAUTYZOO Cable Knit Dog Sweater

This dog sweater is lightweight enough for your pupperino to wear during outdoor activities without feeling weighed down.

The super-soft yarn makes it cozy and comfortable, and the three color options make it stylish as well.

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10. IECOii Extra Warm Dog Coat

Do you live in an area that gets super cold? Then you need a coat for your pup that will keep him warm even in the bitterest of temperatures.

The IECOii Dog Coat is the perfect choice for those extra chilly days. It’s made from high-quality material and has a thick inner lining to keep your pup as cozy as possible. The turtleneck-shaped neck opening can be cinched down or pulled up to your dog’s jowls and ears for extra protection.

The inner lining is made of both coral and polar fleece, which will trap more heat and keep your dog cozy in the coldest of conditions.

Warmest Jacket for Below Freezing Temps
IECOii Extra Warm Dog Coat

Proper fit helps a bunch when it comes to warmth. There are adjustable buckles on this coat that allow you to customize a snug (but not too tight) fit on your pooch.

For those dark nights and snowy days, there are two reflective strips running along the side of the coat to help you locate your pupper in poor lighting conditions.

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11. Doglay Dog Winter Coat

If the weather isn’t too cold or your dog has a thick coat, then a lightweight dog coat might be the way to go. Doglay Dog Winter Coat is a fantastic option for those days when you just need some extra protection without extra bulk.

The Doglay Dog Winter Coat has a soft inner layer of insulation and a waterproof outer layer made out of polyester and polyurethane material that will keep your pup shielded from the elements without additional baggage.

Best Lightweight Option
Doglay Dog Winter Coat

This is a great coat for longer activities such as hiking, or for dogs that tend to get easily overheated.

It comes in 8 sizes and 3 colors, and there's a reflective strip along the back of the coat so you can spot your pup and keep him safe at all times.

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12. HDE Dog Puffer Jacket

The HDE Dog Puffer Jacket is a lightweight dog jacket, perfect for mild to colder temperatures.

The exterior is made from nylon, so it will resist wind, snow, and rain. The hood is lined with faux fur to help retain warmth while blocking out the elements.

The dog coat comes on and off easily with strap hooks and loop fasteners. You can strap your pup in extra securely to offer a bit more warmth and protection.

Most Stylish Choice
HDE Dog Puffer Jacket

Keep your pup on trend with this stylish dog jacket.

You can choose from the navy retro stripe, plaid, and pink stripe styles, as well as 5 different sizes, to find the perfect fit for your four-legged friend.

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How To Pick the Best Coat to Keep Your Dog Warm and Dry

Two coton de tulear dogs in raincoats under umbrella

Now that you’ve had a chance to check out the top 12 dog coats, raincoats, jackets and sweaters for keeping your pup warm and dry, it’s time to pick one.

Here are some of the top considerations:

1. Consider the Climate and Weather in Your Area

Do you live in a region with mild, cold, or extreme temperatures? Different types of dog coat materials are better suited for different climates. For instance, a waterproof raincoat is great for areas with wet weather, while a down-filled puffer jacket will work well in cold conditions. A sweater is best for doggos who live in milder climates.

2. Dog’s Size & Measurements

Every coat is sized differently, so it’s important to measure your dog and compare the measurements to the size chart of the coat you’re considering. The fit should be snug but not too tight; you should be able to snuggly put a couple of fingers between your dog’s body and the coat.

If your dog has a stout build or is in between sizes, it’s usually best to size up. Dog coats that are too tight could be uncomfortable and even restrict movement.

3. Dog’s Activity Level & Preferences

If your pup loves to run, jump and explore, you’ll need to invest in dog coats that won’t slow her down or get in the way of her activities. Look for lightweight materials, adjustable straps, and breathable fabrics to keep your dog comfortable while doing what she loves best, prancing in the snow!

On the other hand, if your doggo prefers to curl up on the couch or doesn’t have an active lifestyle, you can opt for thicker and more insulated materials that aren’t as flexible.

4. Dog’s Fur & Coat Type

If your pup has a thick coat of fur, it’s important to get dog coats that are lightweight and breathable so your dog doesn’t overheat. If you’ve got a pup with shorter fur, look for dog coats that are heavier and more insulated to keep him extra warm and comfy. Check this article out if you’re in doubt about what type of fur or coat your dog has.

Body fat will also play a role in determining doggo’s comfort level. If your pup has more body fat, he’ll have an extra layer of insulation to help keep him cozy and dry.

5. Materials & Care Instructions

When shopping for your pupper’s coat, be sure to check the material and care instructions. Depending on what type of coat you get, you may need to dry clean or machine wash it. It’s also a good idea to look for waterproof materials and breathable linings if your pup will be spending time outdoors in wet weather.

6. Price

Luckily, dog jackets aren’t nearly as expensive as human jackets. You’ll be able to keep your dog toasty in a quality water-resistant coat for under $50, with high-end coats costing under $100.

You’ll want to make sure you’re getting a good value for the price by checking out the reviews and materials used to make the coat.

Manufacturers that promise great quality and offer a satisfaction guarantee are usually the best ones to go with.

Do Dogs Actually Need Coats?

French bulldog wearing a dog jacket

Dogs have natural water and weather-resistant coats that help protect them from the elements. But in some cases, dogs may need an extra layer of protection to stay comfortable and dry. This is especially true for pups with thin coats and short fur, those that live in colder climates, or pupperinos who love to be outdoors in wet and windy weather.

Check out our comprehensive article to decide whether your dog needs a coat or a sweater if in doubt after reading this.

How Cold Is Too Cold for Doggo?

Most dogs will need a coat when the weather hits 40℉ or 5℃. Keep your pup comfortable in below-freezing weather by investing in a coat for dogs who have thinner coats, are smaller, or have lean frames. Dogs that are extra sensitive to cold weather may need a coat when it gets down to 45℉, or 7.2℃. Usually, if you’re feeling chilly, your pup is too!

The Bottom Line: Best Dog Jackets for Your Furry Friend

Dog wearing a jacket with woman in the snow

Now that you’ve got all this information in mind, it’s time to find Fido his perfect coat! With so many styles and materials out there, you’ll be sure to find something that will keep your pup toasty, dry, and happy no matter what the cold weather brings.

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