How Often Should I Bathe My Dog for Healthy Skin and a Shiny Coat?

Dog Getting Dried After His Bath

Updated November 1, 2022

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Luckily for our puppers, dogs are born with naturally odor-resistant coats that don’t need near-daily washings as humans do. But it’s still important to give them a good scrub down every once in a while to keep them healthy and smelling fresh. So how often should I bathe my dog?

In general, it’s a good idea to bathe your doggerino once every 3 to 4 months to make sure their coat and skin stay healthy. Of course, this can vary depending on the individual dog and their specific circumstances.

So read on to find out how often you should be giving your pup a bath, and some tips on making the process as smooth (and stress-free) as possible.

So How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog?

Dachshund Having a Bath With Rubber Duckies

In addition to bathing your dog every 3 to 4 months, you should make a customized bathing plan based on your pupperino’s specific breed, lifestyle, age, and health condition.

Here are some of the most important questions to ask yourself before putting suds to fur:

1. What Is Your Dog’s Coat Type?

Is your dog’s coat short, long, oily, dry, or somewhere in between? This is important to know because different coat types require different bathing frequencies and product formulations.

For example, dogs with short coats like pugs and bulldogs can get away with fewer baths than those with long, flowing locks like Shih Tzus. This is because their shorter fur doesn’t tend to hold onto dirt, debris, and stink the way longer hair does.

On the other hand, dogs with oily coats like basset hounds and beagles may need to be bathed more often to keep their sebaceous glands (which secrete natural oils) in check.

Finally, if your dog has a double coat—which consists of a dense, thick undercoat and a softer topcoat—such as Golden and Labrador Retrievers, you’ll want to be extra careful when bathing. That’s because their undercoats are designed to protect them from the elements and can be easily damaged by over-bathing.

If you’re having a problem with dog hair all over your home, check this other article out.

2. What Is Your Dog’s Breed?

Certain dog breeds are more prone to skin sensitivities and allergies, while others are lower maintenance. For example, Shih Tzus, Lhasa Apsos, and West Highland White Terriers are all at a higher risk for developing allergic reactions to grooming products.

If your pup falls into one of these categories, you may want to consult with your veterinarian before choosing a shampoo or bathing frequency. They can help you determine if your dog has any allergies or sensitivities and make recommendations accordingly.

3. Does Your Dog Have Any Specific Health Conditions?

Dogs with certain health conditions like allergies or infections may need to be bathed less often to prevent further irritation. If your dog has any existing skin issues, it’s best to talk to your vet before making any changes to their bathing schedule.

4. How Active Is Your Dog?

Dogs who live a mostly sedentary lifestyle indoors will obviously need fewer baths than those who are constantly on the go. Active dogs tend to get dirtier, sweatier, and smellier more quickly since they’re more likely to roll around in the mud, jump in puddles, and play with other doggos.

If the climate is especially hot or humid where you live, your active dog may need to be bathed even more often to prevent skin irritation.

5. How Much Time & Money Do You Have for Bath Time?

Let’s face it: bathing a dog is not the most fun activity in the world. It can be time-consuming, messy, and sometimes even dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Before making a decision on how often to bathe your pup, ask yourself how much time and money you’re realistically willing to spend on the process.

If you’re short on time, you may want to consider taking your dog to a professional groomer for regular baths. This way, you can avoid the hassle of bathing them yourself and have the peace of mind of knowing that they’re being properly taken care of. This may also have the added bonus of getting their nails clipped by an expert, in case you’re hesitant to do it at home.

On the other hand, if you’re on a tight budget, you may want to space out their baths as much as possible to save money.

No matter what you decide, the most important thing is that you make a plan that you can stick to consistently. Your dog’s health and well-being depend on it!

How Do I Know When My Dog Needs a Bath?

Wet Dog Getting Rinsed In A Bath
Image by Kreingkrai Luangchaipreeda from Pixabay

The general consensus is to follow your nose when deciding when is the best time to bathe your four-legged friend. But there are a few other things you can look out for, too.

Here are a few telltale signs that your pup is in dire need of a good scrub-down:

  • They’re starting to smell bad or musky.
  • Your pup’s coat feels matted or greasy.
  • They’re covered in dirt, mud, or other debris.
  • Your doggie’s hair is clumpy and mangy looking.
  • Their fur has a significant amount of dandruff in it.
  • You see ticks, fleas, or mites in your dog’s coat.
  • Your dog is regularly dragging their butt along the ground.

Is It Okay to Bathe the Dog Once a Week?

Dog In A Towel After Her Bath

If you’re one of those pet parents regularly taking your pupper on adventures such as road tripscamping, or even daily visits to the dog park, you may need to bathe your dog on a weekly basis.

However, don’t forget that too much bathing can strip away the natural oils in your dog’s coat, leaving their skin dry and irritated. And if your dog has sensitive skin, you may run into issues such as itchiness or allergies.

To avoid this, make sure you’re using a gentle shampoo that’s designed specifically for dogs, and always rinse thoroughly. You may also want to consider following up with a conditioner to help keep their coat healthy and hydrated.

How Often Should You Bathe an Indoor Dog?

If you have a dog with a low activity level that likes to hang inside, how often should you give your dog a bath? Bathing your dog at least once every three to four months should suffice, especially if paired with regular brushing.

A long-haired dog with a double coat, such as a Huskie or a Border Collie, may not need to be bathed as often because their fur helps keep them clean and doesn’t tend to hold onto dirt and debris the way other types of fur do. You can bathe this pupper every 6 months as long as they look and smell clean otherwise.

How Often Is Too Often to Bathe a Dog?

Don’t bathe your dog more than once a week to preserve their natural coat oils, unless recommended by a veterinarian. And honestly, once a week is too frequent for most dogs. If you feel the need to bathe your pup more than that, chances are there’s an underlying issue such as allergies, fleas, or a skin condition. Better check with your vet if that’s the case.

You can use water-free cleansing wipes or sprays between baths to help keep your dog clean and fresh-smelling without drying out their coat.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog in Winter?

If you live in an area with cold winters, you may find that you need to bathe your dog less often during this time of year. The cold weather can actually help keep your pup clean and dry, so you may be able to get away with bathing them only every 4 or 5 months if there aren’t any other conditions.

Make sure to bathe your dog indoors, use warm water, and even consider reducing water use with a dry dog shampoo or a towel bath to keep your doggie comfortable getting groomed during the cold months.

How Often Should I Bathe My Dog in Summer?

Conversely, if you live in a hot and humid climate, you may need bathing your dog more often during the summer months. The heat and humidity can cause your pup to sweat and get dirty more easily, so you may need to bathe them every 3 or 4 weeks during this time if they’re particularly active.

Try to pair bathing with dirty activities such as going to the beach or playing in the mud, and make sure to use cool water to avoid overheating your pup during the hot summer months.

How Often Should I Bathe My Puppy?

Puppy In A Towel After His Bath - How often to bathe a puppy

It’s important not to bathe your new pupperino before he is at least 8 weeks old. This is because your puppy can’t regulate their temperature before this age and they are at a higher risk for developing hypothermia.

After 8 weeks, you can start giving your puppy baths on a regular basis using a gentle, hypoallergenic shampoo formulated for puppies.

As your puppy grows older, you can increase the frequency of their baths as needed based on the factors we’ve discussed above.

Additional Grooming Considerations

Baths aren’t the only thing you need to consider when it comes to your dog’s grooming routine. Here are a few other things that pet parents need to do on a regular basis to keep their doggerinos clean and healthy:


Dogs with long hair coats will need to be brushed daily to weekly to prevent mats and tangles from forming as well as distribute natural oils into the coat and skin.

Nail Trimming

Dogs’ nails should be trimmed every 2 to 4 weeks to prevent overgrowth and cracking.

Ear Cleaning

Dog owners need to clean their dog’s ears as needed to prevent wax buildup and infection.

Anal Gland Expression

This isn’t the prettiest topic, but it’s an important part of your dog’s grooming routine. Anal glands should be regularly expressed to prevent impaction and infection.

Washing Bedding

If your doggerino is in love with his dog bed, this means it’s probably pretty gross. Be sure to wash their bedding on a regular basis to prevent bacteria and fungus from growing.

Teeth Brushing

Just like humans, dogs need to have their teeth brushed on a regular basis to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. You can use a special dog toothbrush and toothpaste or opt for a more tasty solution like dental chews.

Keep up with these additional grooming tasks on top of regular baths, and your pup will be looking and feeling his best all the time!

The Bottom Line: Dog Bath-How Often To Bathe Your Dog

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question since every dog is different. However, as a general rule of thumb, give your pupper a good bath every 3 to 4 months using a gentle shampoo formulated for dogs.

Keep your pup’s lifestyle and the season in mind to adjust how often to bathe him.

Lastly, don’t forget the other grooming tasks that need to be performed on a regular basis to keep your doggo healthy and looking his best! With a good routine in place, you’ll have no problem keeping your furry friend clean and fresh all year long.

If you have any dog bathing tips, let us know in the comments!

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